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Update: Abdullah and Karzai accused of Afghan election fraud

August 23, 2009

This morning, in a cynical volte face, Abdullah Abdullah, the leading challenger to incumbent, President Karzai, declared that the Afghan election was rigged, having previously declared himself the winner. Earlier speculation that the two candidates identified by a Free and Fair Elections spokesman as responsible for widespread intimidation and ballot-rigging in the Afghan election (Thus passim) were the two front runners has been strengthened by a leaked document to the Afghan Election Complaints Commission from the Ashraf Ghani campaign detailing and citing specific abuses. The document alleges abuses by both the Karzai and Abdullah factions, and places the incidents in specific locations. This coincides with news from Kabul that owing to widespread complaints of fraud, intimidation and bribery, the election results may be delayed.

Whilst acknowledging that Thus supports the Ghani campaign and allowing for the fact that ‘he would say that,’ we publish the Ghani camp complaints without comment and without vouching for the detail, which will no doubt be judged by the Election Complaints Commission. What it demonstrates is that this was neither a free nor a fair election, and the result should not be allowed to stand, at least not under the banner of democracy or any such other fantasy construct. Abdullah Abdullah’s statement today shows that he agrees, and from the look of this document, he’s in a perfect position to know. Here’s the list in full:

Election Fraud Complaints Filed to the ECC by Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai Campaign

No Province District Vote Station Description
1. Balkh Several Fatima Balkhi high school, Nahr Shahi high school, Qazi Aminoddin Shahid high school, Bandar Sakhi Abad high school Abdullah’s persons interfere to the election process and force people to vote for Abdullah.
2. Balkh Plas Poosh People are forced by gunmen to vote for Abdullah.
3. Baghlan Dahane Ghori Several Karzai’s equipped persons with Abdullah’s persons are fighting. So that polling stations are shut.
4. Baghlan New Baghlan Several Police commander of central Baghlan (Afzal Khan) has been killed during an attack. Baghlan People are fearful and some polling stations are closed in Baghlan Province.
5. Farah Qala Fereydon & Farah Roud People are scared because of blast of two rockets and they don’t come out for vote.
6. Farah Ganj Abad Karzai’s persons compel people to vote for karzai.
7. Herat Tor’ghandi & Chel Dokhtaran Masjid Chel Dokhtaran Awal & Chel Dokhtaran Dowom Karzai’s supporters beat people and prevent them to vote.
8. Herat Pashton Zarghon, Shindand, Odreskan Several Individuals bring large number of votes and put them in the ballot Boxes in favor of Karzai.
9. Herat Bandar Torghandi Several A Karzai’s man, Haji Mohammad came to the polling locations and compelled people with gun to vote for Karzai.
10. Helmand Bast Khari Haji Mahmood and Gol Khan have filled ballot boxes for Karzai and polling stations are shut.
11. Helmand Nahr Saraj & Marja Several Taliban prevent people to vote and polling stations are closed.
12. Helmand Lashkar’gah city Kart-e Lagan Vote Cards (One bag) are being distributed for people to vote for Karzai.
13. Helmand Kariz Haji Nik Mohammad has filled the ballot boxes for Karzai.
14. Kabul Hese Awal Khair-Khana Masjid Jame Abdullah’s supporters with sign of Abdullah in their shirts force people to vote for Abdullah.
15. Kabul 2nd District Zabihullah Khan high school IEC women officers are guiding women to vote for Abdullah.
16. Kabul Deh Sabz Bakhtiaran high School & Mohammadia high school Mullah Liwanai Tarakhil a member of Afghan Parliament last night took the vote boxes at home and filled them for Karzai. Today morning when he gave the boxes to the IEC officer, he didn’t take the boxes. The IEC officer has been fired from his job by forcing Tarakhil.
17. Kabul 10th district Char Qala Wazir Abad & Masjid Shobair’ha & Masjid Sayed Nezam Karzai’s Observers encourage people to vote for karzai.
18. Kabul Habibia High School The color is removable. Sometimes IEC officers don’t make hole in voters’ cards.
19. Kabul Qala Mohsen in Ahmad Shah Mina Several The police are closing polling locations. Call Dr. Weir 0775985290
20. Kabul Saburi Local ballot box stuffing from a supporter. Call Mahsdour 0788622433
21. Kabul 8th District Sayed Noor Mohammad Shah mina high school Voice of shooting, rockets and other weapons are heard. Polling is stopped.
22. Kabul All Majority Removable color, cutting cards with knife and tweezers instead of punch.
23. Kabul 13th, 6th Several Vote time extended to 5:00 PM but people voted until 6:00 PM illegally.
24. Kapisa Tagab All Afghan police are fighting with Taliban and people don’t come out for vote.
25. Khost Tanai, Domda, Nadershah Kot All 12000 women fake vote cards in Tanai District, 4000 fake vote cards in Domda district, 3000 fake vote cards in Nadershah Kot district, were distributed for people to vote for Shahnawaz Tanai. Total 19000 fake vote cards.
26. Khost Nadershah Kot Several Mohabat Khan, IEC officer in Nadershah Kot, has taken money in bribe from Shahnawaz Tanay, a presidential candidate, and promised him to make him the second one in Khost Province after Karzai.
27. Kunar All All All vote stations are shut due to regional critics and fight among Jihadi Commanders. Also Taliban attacked on Police Security Office of Kunar Province.
28. Maydan Wardak Jalriz & Kharolang Several Vote stations mostly are shut by Karzai’s men including Afghan Security forces. Taliban prevent people to vote as well.
29. Nimroz Zaranj Kakara A remote control mine has been detected by Afghan Security forces. People are fearful and don’t vote.
30. Parwan Pol-e Sofian & Baghe Shahi Removable color, forcing people to vote for Karzai
31. Qandahar Zarghona Ana IEC women officers are guiding women to vote for Abdullah.
32. Qandahar All Districts All The ballot boxes were filled last night. Not many people voted today. They might be announcing the results based on last night.
33. Qandahar Spin Boldak Akhtar Zai & Loy Kariz Ahmadullah (DFC) stuffing ballot boxes at his home in favor of Karzai. Reported by Mohammad Ewaz, deputy of Ahmadullah.
34. Qandahar Arghizestan & Bala Zhera Several Taliban occupied the region.
35. Qandahar Maaruf, Shin Ghazi, Toghara, Salson, Pirzai Ballot Boxes have been filled for Karzai.
36. Qandahar Rigestan, Malayat, Arghestan Vote stations are closed.
37. Qandahar Spin Boldak Several Ballot boxes were filled for Karzai at night.
38. Qandahar Spin Boldak Babol Afghan Police don’t permit to anyone for polling.

John J. Kelly