More women need mobile phones in emerging economies

March 5, 2014

Julia Hobsbawm, a Professor of Networking no less, invited me to the Connected Women Summit, where I expected to find a bunch of high powered women discussing how to become even more so. There were plenty of those, but the conference had absolutely nothing to do with Londonistas and everything to do with helping women in the emerging world. Anyone who has travelled in India, Anatolia, Africa and South Asia knows that there is no lack of people with handsets glued to their ears, but there are 300 million fewer women with mobile... More

Oh no, it’s that global rethink time of year again

December 4, 2009

The much-misued Utilitarian term ‘greatest good for the greatest possible number’ might require a rethink around the notion of we do and how we do it based upon what we, and the planet, can afford, not slavish notions of ‘progress’. We may have reached the tipping point where humans have become slaves to consumerism. If so, it’s time to question why we’ve allowed a bunch of self-interested geeks to ruin the world and force us into penury along the way, not to give them a second chance. Globalisation has partly... More

News Corp is losing money because no news is bad news

August 8, 2009

Last week, News Corp, owners of the Wall St Journal, New York Post, (London) Times, Sunday Times, The Sun, News of the World, the Australian, BSkyB Television, Fox, Star TV Asia and others reported a 10.7% decline in revenue to $7.67 billion (almost $800 million) and quarterly net losses of $203 million. Bad as it sounds, it is a big improvement on the previous quarter’s losses of $6.4 billion (Thus passim) which were inflated by a huge writedown on the Wall Street journal. The ‘extraordinary item’ this time is kids’... More