Thus interprets the UK MP’s expenses guidelines, for the (sole) benefit of honourable members

May 18, 2009

All this “I stuck to the Rules” stuff delivered to camera by our alternately defiant or ashen faced betters in the Mother of Parliaments prompted me to take a look at the rules (the “Green Book”) of which we’ve heard so much. It’s less than gripping stuff but, as rule books go, it’s fairly clear and a damned sight more easily understood than the rules of cricket. Unless you’re running the country, that is. By John Keyes An admirable foreword is provided by that beacon of propriety, chauffeur-driven-to-excess Speaker Michael... More

Emigrate to Leicester: you could do a lot worse

January 5, 2009

Leicester is now officially one of the most diverse towns in the UK, forecast to be the first to have a majority non-white population by 2011. Good news for everyone, argues John Keyes. My memories of being brought up in Leicester are in most ways fairly typical of anybody of my age and class. Regiments of small terraced, red brick, houses and back street schools, the market in the centre, the Clock Tower and flat midlands accents – not Brummie, not Southern, on the cusp of becoming the North. A... More