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From Hero to Zero. Is Gadaffi the New Whacko Jacko?

March 23, 2011

Though I hate to say I told you so, this Thus post from August 2009 “Where’s Gordon Brown in the Libyan Desert Storm?” deals at length in customary erudite fashion with the extraordinary rehabilitation of Whacko Jacko Gadaffi, his socialite son Saif, erstwhile cocktail guest of both Mandelson and Osborne and the strange silence surrounding the release of Al Megrahi, the world’s longest surviving terminal cancer patient. I’m particularly proud of the gratuitous and childish captions, by the way. Oh, and let’s not forget Sarkozy, pictured in the same article warmly welcoming Gadaffi... More

Sindhi truck art tin trucks win Thus Quality Awards

March 21, 2011

With feeble and insincere apologies for the interruption in the awards process, I am delighted to announce that The Robot Shop’s Sindhi truckers’ tin trunks have passed all the tests and blasted into the Thus Quality Hall of Fame. Louis Vuitton doesn’t even get to platform one in comparison to the Thus Sindhi hand painted tin trunk Only a loony or a Hounyhym (Thus passim) could find any fault with these life-affirming and unique hand painted suitcases, made in Pakistan’s Sindh region, and coincidentally available at the Brick Lane Robot... More

Thus Spake Portmerion

March 15, 2011

….actually, not true. For once, I listened without fidgeting and kicking the seatback of the person in front. Except during the breaks, over breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner, in the bar, walking on the beach, on the bus, where I talked too much – I blame the coffee – listened and enjoyed the company of a group of interesting and informed people. I’m sure that was the point of the Editorial Intelligence ‘Names Not Numbers’ symposium, hosted in Portmerion by my extraordinary friend, Julia Hobsbawm. Back from the Clough Ellis vision... More