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Exit Banana Boy and the Blairites, pursued by a dead sheep

November 15, 2010

A couple of posts ago, Thus urged anyone with a semblance of influence and common sense to choose Ed Miliband over elder brother Dave. Endorsements from Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell and ‘Lord’ Peter Mandelson confirmed what we’d been saying for some time – that Banana Boy was a puppet, determined to hold onto all the belligerent, class-divisive, oligarch-inclined right-wingery which lost ‘New’ Labour the last election. Increasingly shrill endorsements from the Times, Sunday Times, Financial Times and, oddly, The Economist, plus warnings about Ed’s lack of experience – as though... More

Whatever happened to the ‘Q’ Word?

Thus boldly boasted at the start of  the year that I/we would focus on single-handedly starting a quality drive. After a lot of hard work, some hot air and a survey conducted with CQI and YouGov Stone, we staged a debate in May 2010 entitled ‘Whatever Happened to the ‘Q’ Word?’ Hosted brilliantly by Andrew Neil (I never thought I’d say THAT but credit where it’s due). The upshot of my research was that the overwhelming majority of Uk opinion formers agreed that a decline in quality of goods and services was the... More