Monthly Archives: December 2009

The Yellow Peril have executed one of our heroin smugglers. Send in the gunboats.

December 31, 2009

Clearly the Chinese government has a poor grasp of history. Last time they tried to stop English dope peddlers we sent gunboats up the Yellow River and pounded their Mandarin asses until they agreed to be addicted to opium. In those great days we were helped by the US, then Imperial apprentices, now big swinging dicks. This time we have stopped short of war. Instead, our very own Great Helmsman, Gordon Brown, recognising the media opportunity, interrupted his Yuletide wassailing to summon the Chinese Ambassador, twice, no less, to the... More

Oh no, it’s that global rethink time of year again

December 4, 2009

The much-misued Utilitarian term ‘greatest good for the greatest possible number’ might require a rethink around the notion of we do and how we do it based upon what we, and the planet, can afford, not slavish notions of ‘progress’. We may have reached the tipping point where humans have become slaves to consumerism. If so, it’s time to question why we’ve allowed a bunch of self-interested geeks to ruin the world and force us into penury along the way, not to give them a second chance. Globalisation has partly... More