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All things considered, Labour is finished. Next question?

July 25, 2009

The Tories overturned a 5459 Labour majority by 7,348 votes in the Norwich by-election on Thursday in a decisive and pivotal victory. Their turnout was 6% lower than expected, but 70% of the Labour constituency stayed at home watching Big Brother. The Lib Dems came third as usual, giving the lie to those who perennially hope that disillusionment with the two main parties will translate into a third way. Chloe Smith, 27, a fragrant middle class girl, will become the youngest Tory MP for more than 30 years and poster... More

Britain is officially the 51st State and McKinnon must fry

July 16, 2009

Tribal politics won the day again in the mother(fucker) of all Parliaments as 59 Labour MPs voted yesterday to defeat the Tory motion to stop the extradition of Gary McKinnon to the US (Thus passim). 84 Labour MPs had signed the motion to review the 2003 Extradition Treaty but under pressure from the whips (read Mandelson’s Blairite Stasi) 15 abstained, 59 touched their toes and only 10 backed the Opposition Motion. It was a glaring display of everything that is deeply wrong with the UK Parliamentary system, and should be... More

Afghanistan’s ‘democratic’ election – a Karzai shoe-in aided by Western media indifference?

In the interests of transparency, I have made no secret of my support for Dr. Ashraf Ghani’s Presidential candidacy (Thus passim). I don’t know much about the other candidates (and should do) but it appears crazy to endorse the Karzai regime, which has presided over a culture of warlord cronyism and corruption which has increased support for religious fundamentalist elements, simply because he is ‘our man.’ This more or less guarantees an escalation of the phantasmagoric ‘war on terror’ and sustains the very real opium export economy, which does far... More