Monthly Archives: March 2009

Mandelson spends £500 per week on flowers for his office

March 24, 2009

According to The Sun (so it must be true), the fragrant ‘Lord’ Peter Mandelson, Business Minister of the sinking ship of state formerly known as UK Plc. spends £500.00 of taxpayers’ money per week (£25,000 per year) on flowers for his office. If so, he is only following in the footsteps of another old Tony crony. In 1998, Lord Chancellor Derry Irvine infamously commissioned wallpaper and curtains for his grace and favour apartment at an alleged cost of £145,000 (we were denied the details under the Official Secrets Act!). Mandelson... More

Is Twitter the new Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep?

March 5, 2009

Twitter has soared like the mercury on an Australian thermometer to become one of the world’s most-visited websites. Facebook, its older cousin, the 5th most-used social networking utility, has become so alarmed that it is redesigning. Neither make money (nor does Thus, to be fair). The Twitter logo is a Disney birdie twittering on a branch. The inference is that we all need to put aside our fears of the meltdown of society and tweet banalities like there’s no tomorrow. The Queen tweets. Bono tweets. Starbucks probably tweets. Get with... More