Monthly Archives: December 2008

Bob be Nimble, Bob Be Quick. Resign from the Enquiry Now

December 22, 2008

Although THUS promised to stop wittering about the Damian Green arrest and various attempts to paint the Tories in the unlikely role of supporters of terrorism, yesterday’s ‘revelation’ that Bob Quick, Head of the Metropolitan Police Anti-Terrorist Unit, coincidentally leading the investigation into the Home Office leaks which resulted in the arrest of the Tory Shadow Minister is running a car hire firm using ex-police officers marks a new low in malicious spin. The story of Bob Quick’s (wife’s) sideline business hiring luxury executive cars, run from the family home... More

Lies, damned lies and statistics. Over 1000 people asked for ID cards – counted over TWO years

December 19, 2008

In a demonstration of the contempt for sensible interpretation of statistics which recently got the UK government into trouble for claiming that knife crime had fallen based on a sample of 78 incidents over three months, “Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has said that 1,142 messages from the public to the Identity and Passport Service (IPS) between November 2006 and October 2008 were classified as ‘wants an ID card’. This made ID-card requests “by far the most common subject matter”, Smith said in response to a parliamentary question from Liberal Democrats’ Home Affairs spokesperson... More

Another victory for profiling

With the conviction of Robert Napper, the Metropolitan Police announced today that there was no need for an enquiry into the Colin Stagg fit-up, on the grounds that ‘lessons were learned.’ In other words, the Police know what they did wrong and it won’t happen again. So that’s alright then. Except it’s not. It has not been too widely reported that the female police officer who participated in a ‘honey trap’ to frame Colin Stagg received £125,000 compensation, early retirement and a pension, while Napper, the person responsible for the... More