Monthly Archives: November 2008

Send in the snatch squads

November 28, 2008

Last week the government claimed that ‘over 80%’ of sex workers were slaves, a claim hotly denied by the English Collective of Prostitutes. Harriet Harman, Deputy PM, spoke on Woman’s Hour urging Womens’ Institute (WI) members to report newspapers carrying escort advertisements, since the oriental and East European escorts on offer may be the victims of trafficking. They may also be illegal immigrants. UK Local Community Minister Hazel Blears bangs on about the need to prosecute men (’punters’ or ‘Johns’) who attempt to have sex with a woman who is... More

Stop the extradition of Gary McKinnon to the US

November 25, 2008

Thus is not a campaigning website, except when it needs to be. The UK government and House of Lords have done nothing to protect a UK citizen’s rights. If it weren’t deadly serious, it would be risible, and is a reminder of the nightmare slide into totalitarianism of the past eight years. McKinnon, an exopolitics nut, hacked in to US military sites looking for evidence of UFOs nearly 7 years ago. He never denied that his hacking was extensive, acknowledged its criminality, but vehemently denied that it was motivated by malice. The US... More

The Great Train Robbers

November 24, 2008

The iniquity of the UK train operators’ stranglehold on a captive traveller since the botched 1993 privatisation, when a patchwork of mini-monopolies replaced the monolithic British Rail is well-documented. The network itself – tracks, stations, signals, overhead electric cables and all the costly stuff needed to run a railway – collapsed accordingly and was taken back into state ownership by none other than Alistair Darling, then pretending to be Transport Secretary. The engines, carriages, freight cars and profitable things that people pay money to sit in or send stuff round... More